Residential Installation Technician


The Journeyman Residential Installation Technician will provide efficient and comprehensive installations of HVAC/R systems. Adherence to effective scheduling strategies, installation targets, world‐class customer service, quality control, and individualized training will be required. At Barron Heating, our Residential Installation Technician will:  Consistently maintain a ‘customer‐first’ perspective;  Establish a good working relationship with all team members;  Support co‐workers while providing world‐class customer service;  Maintain Barron installation standards of exceptional quality and workmanship;  Meet/exceed proficiency standards of all aspects of installation, refrigeration, control wiring, and diagnostics;  Understand standard duct design and airflow requirements;  Proficiently and safely use all required and applicable hand and/or power tools;  Be capable of climbing on roof top structures and into attic/crawl spaces, as work requires;  View all installations through the ‘beyond the box’ perspective – communicate how a properly functioning system benefits the comfort, health, and energy efficiency of the home;  Provide customers/homeowners with post‐installation familiarization of equipment;  Be prepared to offer and execute innovative solutions to operational challenges;  Diligently follow repair, maintenance, quality control, and customer service procedures;  Participate in all required training and skill development programs;  Ensure completion and accuracy of electrical logs and CEU’s;  Individually track and measure your targets while working to improve performance;  Provide industry‐leading installations while meeting/exceeding individual KPIs;